About Shirat Machar

Shirat Machar Sings for Equality in Jerusalem
We are proud to tell you that Shirat Machar is singing for change! On November 25, 2011 Shirat Machar took center stage in downtown Jerusalem as part of a protest that brought women singers from around the country to sing for justice and equality. This event sent a strong message to the attempts of the ultra-orthodox community in the city and throughout the country to prevent women from singing in the public space.

The event commemorated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which underscored that silencing women is a form of psychological violence. The demonstration,organized in cooperation with the ‘Yisrael Hofshit’ Movement, attracted 200 people who gathered at the top of Ben-Yehuda street where they enjoyed music and songs by female artists.
Shirat Machar continues to be at the forefront of Israel’s grassroots movement to promote egalitarianism and tolerance through amazing performances that connect new audiences to Jewish tradition.
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